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Advertise In Spearhead

Details of the deadline for the next issue will be posted as soon as possible.

Here’s how to submit an advert for the printed edition of Spearhead, magazine of the ManKind Project in the UK, Ireland & the English speaking communities in Europe.

Decide which kind of advert you would like – classified or display. Please email if you would like to see previous issues.

Classified advertising rates in Spearhead:

For £10 per issue, you get a BOLD title in the appropriate category, and up to 100 words description, plus contact details and a link to your website if required.

Submit your advert details by email to ads@mkpuk-newsletter.org and then pay online at http://uk.mkp.org/ads/  

Please pay after you’ve submitted your advert.

Display advertising:

Please note we can only do the most basic design – i.e. text and pictures in a bordered box.

If you don’t have design facilities, let us know what you want to say, and send us the text with suitable images. We’ll present your message simply but clearly.

If you have design facilities, please submit Adverts in greyscale as a finished .pdf or .jpg.

If they are in colour, they can only be accepted if they are in a format which the magazine publishers can deconstruct and turn into grey scale (which means either Adobe indesign or .pdf format). All ads, even if submitted in colour, can only be printed in greyscale.

However, we can add coloured headlines and boxes around ads in the highlight colour which the mag is using for the current edition.

If your advert submission is a .pdf file, it needs to be submitted at the size you wish to see in the published magazine. Ideally a quarter page advert in an A4 publication would be 135 x 90mm, the image area being 5mm less each way, so 130mm x 85mm is the size you are aiming for. However, we do sometimes have to manipulate this to make things fit the page.

Send your finished advert & your requirements to ads@mkpuk-newsletter.org

Prices are: £40 an eighth page; £80 a quarter page; £150 half page; £250 a full page.

Please pay here when you’ve submitted your advert: http://uk.mkp.org/ads/


Publish your ads in Spearhead and you’ll have 2000+ men, partners and friends reading them!

Advertising policy

Advertisements in our magazine are a service to you and the advertiser. Appearance of an advertisement in Spearhead is not an endorsement by MKP UK and Ireland or MKP International of the services being offered. Payments received for advertising are used to offset the cost of producing the magazine. And all advertisements, no matter how excellent the service, are accepted at the editor’s discretion.

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